Grandmother Mountain:

This boulderfield is quite possibly the best bouldering around Boone! Grandmother has it all from slopers to crimps, lowballs to highballs, V-0 to V-Sick. As far as number of problems go, Grandmother has the advantage.


Blowing Rock:

Yet another amazing boulderfield! Blowing rock has a variety of problems to fit anybody's climbing style. The rock quality here is pristine.


Lost Cove:

This boulderfield is small, but impressive. This area has a high concentration of quality problems. This is a must see area that is very close to Grandmother.


221 Boulders:

The 221 circuit contains many different areas. A couple well known areas around 221 are the dump, M1, and the Dungeon. There are plenty of areas to to climb and even more to explore.